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Douglas Willis Speciality Catering South Wales-keeping It local

catering south wales

The world seems to be changing faster than ever these days. Technology changes on a daily basis and it seems like our local economy becomes influenced more and more by outside factors. However, there is one thing that has not changed and never will, the way Douglas Willis Catering, South Wales does business.

We believe in building relationships with our customers, we want to know you and want you to know us. This is why we keep our two shops right here in Cwmbran and we make every effort to source our products locally if possible. A large portion of the beef we sell is from our own farms, and if not, we do our best to source it from a local provider.

Supporting the local economy and offering the freshest, highest quality products are top priorities for us. We support farms that offer their livestock quality of life and we use our experience developed over several generations to source the highest quality meat available.

We haven’t changed the way we do business in over 60 years and we believe it has been a key to our success. In our shops, you won’t just find amazing meat and delicious food of all types; you will always find a staff member with a smile on their face and ready to help. If you are looking for that perfect cut of meat for a special dinner or you are looking for buffet catering South Wales, we are ready to serve you.