Hog Roast / Pulled Pork

Loin of Pork

A hog roast makes a fine centre-piece for any feast. At Douglas Willis Events, we only use the freshest, finest pork for our Hog Roast/Pulled Pork, giving you the perfect main course every time. If you’ve been searching for a hog roast in South Wales for your next social gathering, you’ve come to the right place.

Prepared by Our Chefs

We cook our Hog Roasts the traditional way using a slow cooker. This method tenderises the pork and produces beautifully succulent meat which, combined with our various accompaniments, creates a truly memorable feast.

Although the soft meat texture is quintessential to a delicious hog roast, one of the greatest things about our pork is the taste. Our recipe is no secret. All we do is add a little salt during cooking and the results are mouthwatering – one bite is never enough.

Ready for the Feast

With Douglas Willis Events, you won’t need to worry about long prepping hours. Our SELF SERVE Hog Roast/Pulled Pork comes pre-cooked with all the delicious trimmings for you to heat and serve. Place your order as soon as to ensure that come the day, you’ll be able to serve the meal that will delight your guests.

If you prefer to have someone else do the preparation and presentation, however, we also offer a SERVED CATERING SERVICE where we will serve the Hog Roast for you and your guests. Just provide your contact information, and we’ll be there in time for your event.

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