The Perfect Steak

Douglas Williis 040

Our experienced chefs know better than anyone how to cook our steaks perfectly achieving flavourful and succulent results every time. Here is their sought after method: • First, ensure you have a very hot pan or griddle with enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan. • The idea is to seal both sides of the steak first so as to retain its juices and flavours. Do this by leaving it for a minute on each side. • Turn the heat down, so the meat does not burn but the steak continues to sizzle. Turn occasionally to achieve an evenly cooked steak. • Cooking times will depend on the thickness of the steak but judging when it is rare, medium or well-done is a skill that needn’t be daunting. Press the steak with a fork or your finger and take notice of how ‘springy’ the steak is. • If the steak is soft and springs back very slowly it is blue or very rare. • As it continues to cook it will spring back quite quickly which indicates it is cooked medium. • To achieve a well-done steak continue to cook and turn the steak until there only a slight give in the steak. Be careful not to overcook a well-done steak as they will become dry, tough and tasteless due to loss of juices and elasticity of the meat.